What is CodeNull?

A code-for-nothing site dedicated to software development, hacking, how-to's, and all around cool stuff.

Also known as Nate's Cool Blog.

About Me

My name is nate-wilkins and my call sign is \n. Yes, the dash is very important.

I'm a software engineering professional who is passionate about technology and it's impact on the end user. Experienced with comprehensive skills in the design, development, test, and maintenance of large scale software systems.

Hard worker who loves to learn and provide technical leadership through guidance and real-world examples. Motivated by the curiosity of how things work and their uniqueness to inspire!

  • Specialties: OO-Modeling & Design, Agile, C#, JavaScript
  • Industries: Healthcare, Insurance, Medical and Imaging IT
  • Interests: Containerization, Computer Vision, Photogrammetry, and Machine Learning
  • Hobbies: Skiing, Photography, Virtual Reality

If you need to get ahold of me you can find me on twitter as @_natewilkins or shoot me an email here on code-null.

My gpg key can be found here.


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