Hello World!

| Nate-Wilkins


This is the first blog post here on CodeNull and I wanted to write a little about the site.

I’ve outlined some rather simple questions that will hopefully give you more insight into CodeNull and the content I’ll be posting here.


What are you going to put here?

Mostly musings, how-to’s, and projects, you know, the usual software blog. I do however plan to write a lot about VR, Linux, automation, and architectural things, that I’m working on.

What do you have planned?

That’s coming up! I actually plan on making starter posts for the projects that I start to work on. As a record for myself and a reminder of the experiences I want to get out of them.


Why did you start the blog?

This blog will serve a few different purposes but really I love writing, sharing, and learning from others. It’s corny, I know. But let me have this one.

Eventually this blog will be:

  • A knowledge base of sorts
  • Learning resource for myself and others
  • A record of past projects and experiences
  • The pet project I never put down

Why are you in software?

Software development has been one of the most fulfilling parts of my life. The ability to explore the unknown and create something tangible and meaningful out of the abstract has no other feeling. There’s a bit more to it than that. Maybe I’ll share more later.

Why a custom static blog generator?

That is a great question. There are some really awesome ones out there. I’d also like to say that hugo is currently the best static site generator out there (in my humble opinion). So why then? Well. I was recently getting into Elixir and wanted a project to work on. That’s the short version. I’ll post something later about reblog the static blog generator and a bit more on the perceived need to write my own.

Why don’t you use twitter? I do! My handle is @_natewilkins.

Why don’t you use medium? I might. Ask me when I have more content.


When are you going to post?

I don’t have a good answer for this question. I’d like to post at least once every month and post more when I start dedicating more time to blogging.


How do you blog?

You can find the source for CodeNull here. These are the general tools that are used.

How will you come up with content?

Content will be comprised of the things that I’m currently working on. Whether they are from projects that I’ve started or miscellaneous problems that need to be solved. Even things that I run into that I find difficult or need some sort of clarification.

That’s the plan!

I hope it wasn’t too boring for an intro.

Until next time, happy coding!